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04-01-2011, 02:50 AM
I fell asleep at 10pm, woke up about an hour ago.

I had a nightmare which consist of me basting a turkey. I was so hungry in my dream but I wouldn't eat the damn turkey!!!! IT WAS COOKED!!!
My brain I guess said, "FRIG THIS, no more torture - WAKE UP SCOTT!"


And yeah, I have a pretty awful soar throat now :mad:.. No sign of me chewing on my bed sheets... lmao

Oh, and apparently this dream meant the following;

"To dream that you are basting meat, indicates that you are trying to incorporate a little more flavor and pizzazz in your life." <- wtf? lol


I have a big day today :(

04-01-2011, 10:08 AM
I can already tell, this is going to be a very interesting season!