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03-01-2011, 08:10 AM
Liquid Lawn Hydroseeding, located in Central NH has a proven process for you to increase your bottom line at NO cost to you.

Offer hydroseeding thru us.

We will give you up to a 10% finders fee and every 11th job you book with us is FREE.

Here's how it works...

We call it "Bank-a-Tank"
Each job you refer to us and we actually service will get you up to a 10% finders fee.
Also, 10% of the total square footage goes into your "bank", after 10 jobs your 11th is free to you and you keep all the money with the exception of a reasonable travel fee.

XYZ Landscaping sends 10 jobs our way, for a total of 100,000 sq feet of hydroseeding. That puts 10,000 square feet in your bank, the next job up to 10,000 square feet will be of no cost to you and you receive the money directly from us!!
You have up to three years to accumulate the 10 jobs, plus any extra "banked" square footage will carry over to your next job free.

Give us a call..
Liquid Lawn Hydroseeding, llc*
Serving all of NH.
* a service disabled Veteran owned company

03-01-2011, 06:58 PM
Welcome to our forum.

I would guess this would need to be done only with local companies within your service area?

03-02-2011, 07:18 AM
Good morning,

Steve thank you for the welcome to the forum.

Yes, this is a service/program for local companies.

We service all of New Hampshire.

We are also open to travel to Maine, Vermont, and Northern Massachusetts.

Liquid Lawn Hydroseeding has been growing expodentially. We have several local landscaping companies that use us exclusively.

It is good for them, good for us.

Liquid Lawn Hydroseeding, llc

03-02-2011, 06:51 PM

What if you offered to print up door hangers or flyers for local lawn care business owners where they could put their info on one side and your info would go on the other?

I bet a lot of local business owners would jump on that opportunity and it would help you get the word out more.