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12-07-2010, 10:35 AM
Back about 7 years ago, i was living in Kansas and running cattle during the spring, summer and early fall. I had a 1983 Ford F350 Dually 4x4 that was my towing vehicle.
During the winter me and a friend would use the snow to our business advantage. The truck was out fitted with two 12Klb Warn Winches, Chains, Tow Ropes and i had custom tire chains made to straddle the rear tires so they wouldnt turn into a 18" slick (was good in the wet months too).
Snow can become a burden to ANYONE, business owners especially. We can make our many mounds (or wish to) during the spring and summer months, then we suffer during the winter. The grass and foliage becomes covered in excess amounts of the white powder and your dream is gone. USE IT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE.
Highways and Roads become grid lock and parking lots during these times because no one likes to be out or travel becomes incapable.

Suggestions - With a larger vehicle (full sized truck or SUV - 4x4)
Out fit your vehicle for highway assistance. Load it up with high tensioned tow ropes, chains and a winch if you can afford it. Give yourself a 5mile area to travel to see if anyone needs help out. Great them in their time of despair. "Hi! i see your stuck, I'm ???? ???? ??? with (name of company) and ill pull you out for the lowest fee you will see!" At this point you should be running some kind of credit card acceptance (SQUARE). Offer them something INSANE "ill pull you out for 50$" have them sign a damages release form in case you break a bumper or something. Pull there car out and check for suspension damages on the vehicle that could endanger them on the way home (tires, struts, bushings and welds on uni-body cars). If their vehicle is incapable of being driven, call the local high way patrol and tell them you have a disabled vehicle on the side of the road @ "mile marker". Offer to give them a ride somewhere warm and out of the elements or home if it is close in your 5 mile area.
At this point your business is seen as a HOLY GRAIL, you are the company saving people money and providing some kind of relief in times of dire need and releaves peoples minds knowing you will be around to help next season.

If you have a SUV and dont see yourself pulling people out, why not DIG people out? You can drive around and see where vehicles are blocked in by snow plows or drifts, offer them a "dig out" for a crazy price, range it off 1$ a minute for work, most dig outs wont take more than 20min. You can travel any and all areas to see these piles. Walk to the door and knock "Hey, im ______________________ with ________________, and ill make sure you can get your cars out, along with yourself for _______.____." Make it seem SO CHEAP per dig.

I did this in Kansas for 4 years. I was registered with the Kansas Highway Patrol and my truck was out fitted by Highway Patrol on the second year with strobes and a light bar signal. We had a contract for 45cars per day during the winter months of ice and snow. We would be out for 24 - 36 hours pulling people out. We would go home with 5,000.00 in our pockets weekly. It will help your personal business of landscaping or even transporting.


- Icicles - These can become a burden to anyone. In most areas they can reach from the roof to the ground and can be high in weight. They can cause damages to the foundations of homes and business. Can create a dangerous hazard to children and pets. Offer a service to remove them from the perimeter of the home to reduce the action of causing harm. Offer a discount on this service as a "safety" issue to protect residence on the property. Charge them a ONE TIME FEE (50$ or something your comfortable with) to check and make sure they are removed and away from windows and doors.

Plowing, Salt and Sand - These are larger money makers but, they are also the highest and most expensive cost of operations. You know the drill tho.

Matt Kneer

12-07-2010, 01:33 PM

That is fantastic!

How did that work, the part about registering with the Kansas Highway Patrol? What did that do?

12-07-2010, 02:59 PM
I sub all our snow removal except for 2 private communities and 7 driveways in my subdivision which we plow with tractors. I posted last year that during a storm I was making two or three times as luch pulling people from the ditch as plowing, just make sure you are insured and you have highway approved lighting.

12-07-2010, 11:14 PM

That is fantastic!

How did that work, the part about registering with the Kansas Highway Patrol? What did that do?

Well, i was out one day doing it, and we just about got arrested for "endangerment" due to the fact we didnt have lighting but, i was insured to transport and we had all the correct safety gear so, we made the hour drive and talked to the Chief of the Highway patrol and he granted us a 60day window to get proper lighting and hazard equipment incase of fuel spills. So, we got a few bags of walmart wonder kitty litter and they got us a hook up on lighting.
I lost all the pictures of the evolution of that truck other than the initial build of the motor and drive train. When we got done, it looked mean. We had a low resistance light bar (amber and white), 6 stage strobe kit, automatic air ride suspension, was completely black with a high visibility super bright strip down the side. Looked insane at night, i miss it. I miss the money!


12-08-2010, 01:46 PM
Did you ever want to take it a step further and offer towing? Or flat bed services?