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11-28-2010, 11:25 PM
So, i have been living in the new area now for 15 days. I have one more full day of spreading mulch and i will be blitzing the new area with 300 to 500 coupons DAILY till the end of the week. I have 500 Door Hangers ready to go and another 1000 cut and waiting for rubber bands.
In the 15days i have been here, it has rained 4 days, which has promoted awesome growth. I have gone through 20 business cards from my truck card holder (the one i got from Artie during the drawing). I stopped for gas tonight and the last 8 i had disappeared while i was in paying for my fuel. WAS AWESOME! I stopped this guy as he walked away...

"Looking for lawn care?"
- "Yeah, my guy is on vacation and i need my yard trimmed and leafs cleared out"
"Awesome, well, here is my new set of advertising i am handing out, give me a call any time..."
He looked at the ad for a minute and walked back after filling up...
- "If i get four services... Basic Service, Pressure wash the front of my house, trim two palms and 4 bags of debris... its 100-bones?"
"Yes Sir..."
- "Ill have my wife call you tomorrow afternoon..."
"Awesome, i look forward to hearing from you..."

Hopped in my truck and drove off...

I hope more people have his response. I could use a dozen calls like that this week... I am behind on a few bills and need a buffer for the winter... WE SHALL SEE!

Anyone else in Florida ever thought of blitzing their competition during the winter? By the beginning of December most people have been "happy" with their current company or are just ready for a change, which is what i am aiming for. I hope i can be to a full crop this year before spring. I can get all of my detailing of beds DONE before spring and all the roots will be done by spring. Prep all of my gardens and flower beds. Drop a slow release nitrogen fertilizer in or mix in leafs... GET THIS PARTY ROLLIN!


11-29-2010, 11:05 AM

You gotta keep us posted on all the responses you get. I have a feeling your phone is going to start ringing off the hook!

11-29-2010, 08:56 PM
I have a feeling it will too. I drove to the gas station today to get a soda and came back out and i had ONE CARD! I just put 15 into it! WTF! I didnt have this response in the last county i was in. I had 3 missed calls today and two left VM, one is for an estimate on a limb removal the other is for a normal basic service for next week. Ill be putting out 500 coupons on Wednesday. Ill keep you updated.


12-01-2010, 10:14 AM
Do you have signs on your truck or trailer? What about wearing some kind of shirt/hat uniform?

If people are in that much need for a professional lawn care service, I would think, the more you ramp up your appearance and your marketing, the more it will fuel new customers to contact you.