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11-08-2010, 01:46 AM
Steve, I thought opposite you while writing this letter in another forum;

At 11/7/10 5:12 AM, FORUM MOD wrote:
: I've already linked you to the proper thread once, so consider this your last warning. Next time you will be banned.
: You should also read the rules! Recreating a locked thread is not allowed.
: If you continue to break the rules, your account may be deleted.

My reply;

Sorry champ, it gets kind of confusing when I go to post in the 'proper' thread that has been deleted (the one you told me to post in, yeah - it said it was deleted when I attempted the second time) ;)

So I found the link to the new one (new 'proper' thread, which wasn't visible for some time) and clicked "create new post" INSIDE the new 'proper' thread *which surprisingly posted itself on the general thread.* believe it or not.

Either way, this entire community is somewhat helpful, but rather aggressive when it comes to assisting users to ensure they enjoy their time here. Hey, it might work here - but I hope to god you never have to go through the stress of dealing with people with the slightest bit of effort, heaven forbid you break a sweat.

I understand you have F.A.Q's and readme's , though sometimes they aren't necessarily understood.
Do I dare ask where to seek advice next? Knowing how devastated you were the first time I posted in the wrong area, kinda made me uninterested to make an attempt at posting anywhere else, other then where I felt necessary. Get your stuff together, bud.

My suggestion; do your fXXXXXg job and 'move' topics to the proper place like a true forum moderator, - make this an enjoyable environment instead of harassing the damn users for simple errors. Lazy sXXt.

Feel free to delete my account, let this be the first time you put effort into something productive. <- This is sarcasm, sir. Have a nice day.

11-08-2010, 05:36 AM
Was this written to steve ? Did steve write this to another forum administrator.

11-08-2010, 06:36 AM
My favorite type of forum is the kind that tells you to "SEARCH BEFORE POSTING" and then when you find a thread pertaining to your topic they tell you "DON'T RESURRECT OLD POSTS". :D

Each forum has a tone. This one is pretty laid back. Others have a more fascist feel. :D

11-08-2010, 08:26 AM

What is your view on that experience with that forum? Do you feel there are learning lessons from it? Also what about that experience made you want to discuss it?

My favorite type of forum is the kind that tells you to "SEARCH BEFORE POSTING" and then when you find a thread pertaining to your topic they tell you "DON'T RESURRECT OLD POSTS".

I don't like that either because plenty of times, you are not even sure how to word the question in a search.

I can think of many times in the past where I have been looking for things at other sites or even walked into a library and had an idea of what I wanted to learn but had no idea where to start. Thankfully there are librarians to assist or a library wouldnt be anywhere near as useful.

11-08-2010, 10:35 AM
As a mod on another (unrelated) sizable forum, I can see it from both points of view.

That said, I'd give you some "time off" for being a prick in your "rant/response". (Assuming that you wouldn't care anyway, since you are so unhappy with said forum anyway)


11-08-2010, 11:00 AM
ik it annoys me when some people resurrect old posts. but w/e its a pain to be constantly looking at the time stamp.

11-08-2010, 05:41 PM
As a mod on another (unrelated) sizable forum, I can see it from both points of view.

What do you feel most users don't understand about moderating a forum and what do you feel have been some of the biggest lessons you learned about moderating them?

11-08-2010, 09:15 PM
The Gopherforum has got to be the best I've ever been on.

I'll admit I was a prick for sure replying to the other mods message, I just kind of got offended and felt as if I wasn't in the wrong.

I asked him where to post, he told me to post in "Thread X"

I went to post in "Thread X", unfortunately it did not exist.

I waited, and a new thread was created, replacing "Thread X" which can be very confusing to a new user.

Instead of asking, I posting in this new thread, and it redirected my post in the wrong section.

GOOD NEWS FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got an apology, with a little bit of anger to it. They contradict themselves hardcore over there.

There is over 1000000 ways to get banned, It's as if Hitler owns that forum.

"If your post was in the wrong place, recreate it and post it in the proper place" <** actual advice

"If you make a post similar to one previously made, you will be banned" <** actual 'rule'

Man oh man.... Sorry to bring this topic up, I just wanted to show my appreciation to Steve and Gopher by making a comparison to other forums. Steve takes the cake, Justin's b-day cake! :O

11-09-2010, 05:21 PM
Thank you Scott :)