View Full Version : 30 amp fuses keep blowing

08-26-2010, 12:58 PM
The fuses keep blowing when I try to start my Ariens ezr1742. I can't find and shorts. Any ideas as to why they keep blowing out? Could it be the ignition switch or solenoid?

08-27-2010, 10:22 AM
I would check for loose or bad connections. Like a loose battery cable, corroded battery cable, loose connection on a battery cable (the terminal being loose on the cable), etc. There is a possibility the starter needs rebuilt (removed, cleaned, re-lubed, and reinstalled. Rebuilding the starter is NOT something I would recommend to someone who has no experience with small engine starters. The starters on most small engines are sorta delicate and most, if not all, require special tools and training to do it properly.

Again, start with looking at battery/cable connections for being loose or corroded.

Good luck,