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07-16-2010, 11:27 PM
Im looking for a 4 cycle trimmer (preferably) that will take attachments like a edger or hedge trimmer. I am wanting to stay under $300.

I could go 2 cycle but as of now the only thing I have that is two cycle is a blower. From reading on here I guess I want to stay away from the box stores.

Really I need trimming and edging capability. I prefer the use of a bladed edger vs using the string trimmer.

My problem is I have been at this less then a month and the 10 year old Ryobi 825r trimmer I was using developed a fuel leak this afternoon and I think its time to get something else. Just that at this point I cant go drop $500 or $600 on a string trimmer or two. I need to replace it fast.

07-17-2010, 02:56 AM
the 10 year old Ryobi 825r trimmer I was using developed a fuel leak this afternoon and I think its time to get something else.

Could you see where it was leaking? Is it something you want to replace?

07-17-2010, 04:24 AM
I am not sure what the price is but the Stihl Kombi system is worth it's weight in gold for us, we use it for everything from trimming, pruning, sweeping, small tiller for really small gardens etc. I know it's a lot more than $300 for each of the set up's we have but it's relative, they pay for themselves in my case in under a month, we added another one last week as we are doing so many high pruning jobs which at least here pay big bucks.

07-17-2010, 08:29 AM

Check the fuel line tubing going from the tank to the primer blub for the leak. That is where they seem to leek first. Look at the tank for small holes in it, but if it’s plastic they seem to last longer than the equipment.


I have a Stihl Kombi KM55R and I love it. I have the trimmer, pole saw and hedge trimmer attachments. I paid $671 for the package with $50 off, container of bar oil, a small pack of line string the dealer threw in for free. It has PAID for itself many times over already. Love Deere. Plus a free Stihl t-shirt. I am thinking of adding the tiller but was leery of getting it. My thinking is that it would be a lot of pressure on the attachment rod inside the pole, heating up and maybe deteriorating the rod. Have you had any issues with it and have you used it on raw surface? Tilling a grassy area into a bed, hard compacted dirt? I’m sure if you did, you have a different piece of equipment for it. :D


07-17-2010, 04:07 PM
It was for sure leaking from the fuel cap.

I got a RedMax TR2350S trimmer for $250. Pretty nice. Runs smoother and quieter then the Ryobi.

Im going to keep the Ryobi around. Found a replacement fuel tank/gas cap/fuel lines all together for $20 online. That and I have a few attachments that I would not be able to use. I know its not commercial grade but will be a good backup.

07-17-2010, 05:13 PM
We only use the tiller on small garden beds but we have both sweepers, I would bet we have put well over 200 hours sweeping up top soil, mulch etc from pavement, it just keeps going as does all of our Stihl gear, never an issue.

It sees about 20 hours a weel pruning trees, it's an amazing tool, We are running the KM130's, I have no idea what we paid, I saw it and simply said put two of the biggest ones on my account, I want all the attachments except the blower, we use the BR600's

We do not use the hedge trimming attachment often, not a lot of hedges where I live, mainly hardwood trees which are a gold mine, wejust added a 5th commercial Deere pressure washer, this one will pay for itself after the first job:)