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05-02-2010, 12:00 PM
It seems every season, I always land ONE client who needs all of my attention right before I begin lawn maintenance.

Last year it was when I rebuilt a guys patio.

This year it's full yard maintenance.

1. Dethatching
2. Topsoil, fert, & seed
3. Edging of tree bases & gardens
4. Weeding of gardens & base of cedars
5. Trimming of cedars & pruning of trees
6. Planting of cedars
7. to be continued...

Anyway, I have been there for days now & would like to finish!

Lawn maintenance begins tomorrow & let me tell you, I should have started 2-3 weeks ago man! This is going to be ONE tough start. Grass is up to my knees.

There is only my customer who is a white man, the rest of the 17 homes are owned by Asians. They don't want lawn service. lol.

05-03-2010, 01:25 AM
You should be taking some pictures of all this :)

05-03-2010, 07:52 AM
You should be taking some pictures of all this :)

This is what makes me want to go back in time. I always say, "I'm gonna take a before & after"

what really happens...

Get to the job site & pull out the tools & work... I hate when I forget!!!

An after picture looks great, but to me - I need the before! Especially for advertising.


I might be able to snap a b/a picture of the weeding job though, that's not finished 100% yet!

Well today lawn maintenance began... I'm here drinking my coffee waiting for the storm to end... :p

Already behind schedule, lol...

I picked up hot dogs & burgers & a few beers last night & had a barbecue with all the people who have helped me out. Called it an early night knowing I'd need the rest!

Weather Guys make me angry.

What I was told:

Saturday - Sunny
Sunday - Rain
Monday - Cloudy

The truth:

Saturday - Rain
Sunday - Sunny
Monday - Rain

Rain all week apparently. hahahahahahahaha!!!!