View Full Version : Do more employees mean more profits?

07-05-2006, 02:44 PM
If you think adding more employees automatically equals more profits, read this article.

The value of a business plan (http://www.redding.com/redd/nw_business/article/0,2232,REDD_17527_4823086,00.html) - Another small business owner was a highly respected landscaper in a small town in Texas. He really enjoyed his work. He thought it would be good to grow his business. When he started, he had just one team - himself and one assistant. When he finished growing, he had twelve teams - 24 employees, all doing landscaping in the area. He came to two conclusions: First, after paying all his employees, he wasn't making any more money than when he started. Second, he was spending all his time doing paperwork. What he loved most about his business was being outdoors! He undid everything he built and went back to being a landscaper with one assistant.