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02-15-2010, 07:53 AM
Have any of you gotten a chance to see the last episodes of American Chopper? Holy crap talk about a train wreck.

At one point Paul Sr. runs a steel company and on the side he starts building custom choppers in his basement. Later the custom chopper business takes off.

A huge part of the success has got to be because of the American Chopper show and the hilarious family antics that went on during the show. Sure they made great bikes, but watching them interact, throw things and yell and scream at each other had all the components of a successful reality show series.

The popularity of the show just skyrocketed. With more outrageous behavior came more viewers and more corporate clients who were willing to spend 6 figures to get a custom bike made. It was great. Until it was not so great.

I turned on the show last night to see Paul Jr. has his own 'design company' now. He managed to design himself a logo and was working on designing a local dog park? Was it just me or did anyone else feel like this was a Spinal Tap moment when they were at the amusement park complaining how they told the manager their name was to appear above 'puppet show' on the marque?


It's freaking ridiculous. It's a Greek Tragedy and all the newer employees at Orange County Chopper seem to not be able to contain their glee when they see Paul Sr. in distress talking about his kids.

When you sit there and wonder why so many businesses fail and so very few are able to be passed on to the next generation, you don't have to look any further than this show as an example.

Paul Jr. seemed to be given too much money in too short of a time. He splits from his father and now designs dog parks for free.

WOW :eek:

What's your take on this?

ProCut TM
02-15-2010, 08:02 AM
Paul sr is an a**, most of the time he chooses business over family.
Paul jr is a spoiled little b****.
They need more Mikey in the show!

Whatever happened to Vinny?

02-15-2010, 09:24 AM
I really think they should have worked hard to keep Vinny with them too. There was a dynamic that made the show work and they should have done what they could to keep that dynamic going.

02-15-2010, 11:05 AM
They basically screwed Vinnie over. He finally had enough of it and quit.

02-15-2010, 06:05 PM
They really could have set him up really nicely.

05-16-2010, 12:18 PM
Seriously? This show is like looking at de-motivational posters all day.

If the show focused more on the bikes and less on "reality tv" it would be better, IMHO.

I don't mind a little drama, but c'mon. You watch Sr's blood boil, and Jr's attitude. With Mikey in the background dancing like a monkey.

OP, you must have missed the show where Sr fired Jr and they all flipped out and it started the whole mess of Jr wanting to start his own thing. I rarely watch this show, but when I do I feel I'm just seeing the same thing over and over and over.