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06-16-2006, 09:59 PM
It's great to see enrepreneurs starting so young. Stories like this are great to inspire others to see you don't need much to get a business going. A few car cleaning supplies got these two, $130 a day.

Nice work!

What did you do in your first business?

It's a summer of opportunity for students (http://www.canada.com/montrealgazette/news/westisland/story.html?id=9b2444bc-b507-4993-8a0d-ab070cc90889) - 15-year-old Kevin Savard, who became an entrepreneur last summer when he started Your Local Car Wash Boys with business partner Maninder Singh, also 15.

Upon purchasing a vacuum cleaner and all other necessary car-cleaning supplies, the pair started this travelling business, which was especially successful in Kirkland and Beaconsfield.

"We recorded everything, we kept files, and we were making about $130 a day,"