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12-09-2009, 08:49 PM
So our first snow removal outing was today, 9am, just got home 8:00pm.

That fancy little Trackless I got to drive was a joke.

Don't get me wrong, it's an awesome machine but I guess buying it used made a huge difference.

So I'm given my route last minute, no special details, just go to work. Fair enough, I know the city.

I get a few commercial lots done & I'm heading towards the next one, the tractor stalls.

I call in & say I'm frigged with everything & it still won't run.

The response I get: "We didn't maintenance it yet or check for faults, our other worker had the same problem bringing it to the shop"

Me: Well this isn't helping either of us, I can't just sit here.

Owner: What address are you at?

Me: **********

Owner: Ok, good. *hangs up the phone*

30 minutes later....

I call the office & learn that no one is on their way for me, or to help me.

I hitch a ride with the lucky guy driving one of those fancy new John Deers back to the shop.

To top it off,

As I headed out, I receive a phone call explaining that I must head back & get money for gas because the machine is empty.

I explained that I was already on a roll, & close to a gas station. That if I would pay for the diesel & have you guys pay me back. Cool.

So I'm getting nervous, the machine has been on "E" for awhile.

I get to the gas station & unsure of how much the tank could take, I pay $60.00 to see what happens.

I soon learn that I'm overflowing around $20.00 worth of diesel.

I go back inside & 20 minutes later I get my refund.

The machine is literally broken. I could crash a car into a snow blower & it would function better than this piece of junk.

- No heating
- No radio

The only things I could do were control the blower & shoot, & the worst roller pad known to man.

ANYWAY, so back to me being stuck in a lot with nothing to do but wait for a rescue.

I popped open the back to see the electrical system and holy crow Batman. Wires were cut, tied in bows, things were taped on other things. Everything looked like a disaster.

Another thing to top this story off even more.

Guess where the tractor is? IN THE SAME SPOT IT STALLED!

This company is a joke. Sending me out with broken equipment, my route was slopped together, & I'm expected to hustle? I can't work with crap.

So when I got back to the office I was on the ball putting out more pickets at the end of driveways. Again, nothing was in order & the list wasn't even able to be put it order.

I had to drive all over the city every time I got a phone call from the office. And there were 4 people in the office literally calling me one after the other.

What a waste of time. Considering it was a 30cm storm & got dark around 3:20pm, it was a slow slow day.

Every other company seemed a notch above this one.

I don't have it in me to quit, but damn.

Even my lawn customers, I got them signed with this company for snow & they were offered special discounts. NONE of them were served today. Not even one pass.


I'm moving somewhere where there is no snow, or snow removal. What a hassle.

The reason I'm really angry is because I just got home & might have to go back out in an hour or so. Though what are they expecting? I'll have to Fred Flinstone the damn tractor. LOL

12-09-2009, 08:58 PM
Sorry about all that happening. Keep us posted on how everything goes tonight.

12-09-2009, 09:10 PM

Tonight looks like a chance of my phone being turned off :p a hot bath, & perhaps a few DVD's.

I'm seriously thinking about doing my own snow removal this year. I have enough people calling me as is, asking if I'm doing snow removal again for Breeze.

Though in the back of my head I know how much I hate snow removal lol.

I want peaceful winters, what's a good job idea? I should work the part time late shift, minimum wage at Burger King.

Can you imagine the intercom?

"Breeze Lawn Service, can I take your order?" I'd mess up so bad. lol.

I have this insane craving for whiskey. So tonight shall be, a whiskey and looney tunes night. th-th-that's all folks!

12-09-2009, 09:32 PM
I'm seriously thinking about doing my own snow removal this year. I have enough people calling me as is, asking if I'm doing snow removal again for Breeze.

Give the people what they want :)


12-09-2009, 10:48 PM
Sorry to hear you are having problems.

Research is critical on any purchase and these forums can be great, not sure what it is you are using buy I know my dealer would be on the site within seconds to either fix or replace.