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12-05-2009, 09:48 AM
Here is what I have been doing, not bragging, just did it. Went from $100,000 liability insurance switched it over to a Million dollar liability. Bought 2500 postcards from vistaprint, bought some business mailing lists around my area, went to the post office bought 200 stamps, slapped them on like a true gangster, tossed them in the basket and walked away. Received 7 calls to come in and talk, landed 5 bids. And now im in the janitorial side of life. Cleaning bathrooms and making dough. So lets recap shall we? first time out was last spring starting my business, bought all my equipment brand new, have two of each, mowers,blowers,trimmers. Bought a trailer used, bought a brand new snowblower for 1250, paid out in advertising, bought 2 trucks one is a 4x4 for the snow removal, probably drank a small pond of heinekins, did some gambling, bought popcorn from the boy scouts and lived well. Still working a full time job and working on the side. Worked like a tank but, have to make money. And I did. My secret?....Be friendly. thank you's everytime have a good day, take care...thats all I did and did good work. Handshakes to the Mr's and jokes to the Mrs. and I have no clue on janitorial service just read alot and followed some advice now I can keep busy at night doing that and snow removal and working my day job.

Most times its just easier just to do something then to analyze it to death.

12-05-2009, 04:38 PM
Very interesting! What got you to think about janitorial services?

What kind of janitorial services did you advertise in your postcard?

12-06-2009, 09:21 AM
because private offices and buildings have parking lots and grass. Where there is grass theres money, when there is a parking lot there is money. So what if you have to clean a toilet???. Now lets take it further...parking lot cleaning and stripping. So you managed to get 15 accounts in the janitorial. That bid could really effect who gets the lawn and snow right? Needs new stripping. Endless possibilities really. How much do you want to work and how fast do you want to build your business. Because thats what it is. It's a business and I dont know about you or anyone else that is doing this as income but, I love money. My kid will need it someday, and I really dont want my kid punching a time clock when she is 34 years old. I bust my *** and build something good then she can take it if she wants to. I am not big time here but, it might be good to start thinking I am because maybe it will push me into another direction to become big time, there's only a few who make it out there nowdays.

12-06-2009, 05:32 PM
Well property management is property management right? I mean the business is going to need all these services to keep themselves operational. If you can get in with one service, you can expand and offer others. It sounds like a great idea.

What's been your experience so far with estimating janitorial service? Do you have any advice on how to figure out what to charge? Do you base it on the amount of toilets? The size of the bathroom? Or what are your suggestions on it?