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12-16-2003, 08:32 PM
I am interested in getting my door hanger and logo updated. Currently, I have all the info for my door hanger in a Microsoft Publisher file (20KB) (including my current logo). For the door hanger I want a good quality full color lawn background. I have a digital camera for my lawns but I am not good with the image programs to make the pictures really snap and I know you guys have some excellent samples. I also need the typesetting of the door hanger jazzed up some but I do need all the info included. I am mostly satisfied with the logo and would just like some minor updates like incorporating grass blades or something. I am also open to any totally new ideas that blow my socks off. I want to stay with the black/ green logo color scheme for my white trucks. Will be going from truck magnets to permanent lettering so this is a good time for an update. Question, do I just attach my current Publisher file to a post so you can get a starting point or what? Do I x-out the phone number? Will call and pre-pay once I get all the starting info. One last thing, I know for obvious reasons you cannot send a sample of my door hanger, but could I get a sample of another door hanger so I can see the actual quality of it. Is it glossy, heavy paper? I will be looking at 5000 to start.

12-17-2003, 08:21 AM
Hi Turfsufer,

Try and attach your image or file with your post. If you can submit it as an image, maybe a *.jpg, *.gif, or a *.bmp? If that's not possible then post however you have it. X'ing out your phone number is only necessary if you prefer that. We haven't found any problems with showing phone numbers. I will get a hold of a sample for you as well. The paper is 12pt cover stock with aqueous gloss coating. Let us know how we can help you.

12-17-2003, 09:31 AM
what is the name of your company?

12-17-2003, 12:34 PM
Team gopher, thanks, will do. Probably tomorrow when I get back to my own computer. Company name is Easy Acres Lawn Care.

12-18-2003, 11:30 AM
Here is the info I would like incorporated into the door hanger. This is a Microsoft Publisher brochure with the info on pages 2,3 (front and back of door hanger). All the info is important but I believe it needs to be laid out better with a nice background. The logo also needs some work although I like some aspects of it. Like I said I will be looking at about 5000 hangers. Team Gopher, thanks for your reply, just let me know how I can get a sample, your description sounds good.

12-18-2003, 12:06 PM
Turfsurfer is there anyway you can save it as a jpg or another file? Maybe a word document? Can you post the image separately?

Let us know what you want to do with the logo. If you want a new contest for the artists to participate in or if you want one that has already been made to be edited and then give us a call so we can start that as well.


12-18-2003, 06:09 PM
I'm not too much of a computer Guru but will try to do the same thing in a Word document. Thinking about a logo contest but being somewhat happy with current one don't really know if I just want it jazzed up a little or a whole new design. BTW how would I save that document as a JPEG?

12-19-2003, 08:11 AM
Ok, here is my door hanger idea in a Word document. Hopefully this will make it easier for you to work with. I couldn't really manipulate Word too much so all that is included is the info for the front and back of the door hanger. You have free reign on the typesetting and logo. At 50% I was able to view both pages at once, hope it works for you too. Would like a nice full color graphic for the front background. The back can just be 2-3 color on white stock.