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  1. What fears stop you
  2. Welcome to a new section
  3. If you could start all over again
  4. You are a motivator.
  5. Men end up happier than women later in life
  6. High Points
  7. The reason I haven't been on lately... this sucks alot
  8. Suicide
  9. the pursuit of happiness vs family time
  10. Justifying a lack of results
  11. Dave is quitting the lawn care business
  12. Pursuing happiness?...Not O.J.
  13. Can you believe this?
  14. Getting into the entrepreneurial mindset
  15. Not giving it enough time?
  16. Starting with cookies
  17. One flat broke!!
  18. Selling your own bbq sauce
  19. Musical equipment repair
  20. Restaurant Business - Advice from Paula Deen
  21. Movie / Restaurant combination
  22. Starting a Lawn Mowing Business on a shoestring
  23. Tanning salon
  24. Jumping from full time job to being an entrepreneur.
  25. Lessons from Metallica
  26. Blade Sharpening Business
  27. why we overspend
  28. My American Dream after my American Sacrifice.
  29. People should buy from me because people like me